6 mar 2011

Unknow Rome just behind the Imperial Forums

The Imperial Forums are just in front of the older Roman Forum, along Via dei Fori Imperiali, in the city centre of Rome. The Imperial Forums are a series of ancient roman squares surrounded by majestic buildings that were constructed by several emperors (Caesar, Augustus, Nerva, Trajan).
For many decades, the forums were the center of city life, focused on economy, politics and religion.  Today you could admire the ruins of the wonderful monuments, and above all the famous Markets of Trajan and the Column of Trajan.  

But to admire them from an unusual prospective, don't miss to walk long Via tor de' conti! The narrow and typical street is surrounded by characteristic houses, hotels and by a roman wall which open its "door" to an unforgettable panorama of ancient columns and ruins. Look at this photo to have a preview of this wonders!  

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