16 mar 2011

150th Anniversary of Italy and "Night Tricolore"

On 17 March 2011Italy will celebrate its 150 years of unification. In 1861, after the struggles of the Risorgimento, Italy became a united country. Only in 1870 Rome joined our country, after the downsizing of the Papal States.

On 16 March 2011, the three capitals of Italy - Rome, Turin and Florence - and all the other towns will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy with the "Night Tricolore" (Notte Tricolore).
To celebrate the anniversary of Italy, all the museums will be open at night and there will be fireworks, music and dance. The many events are the following:

In Rome:

At the Vittoriano Monument Complex, you could visit the exhibition "Alle radici dell’identità nazionale. Italia Nazione Culturale" (At the roots of national identity. Italy, County of Culture).
At the Accademia Nazionale di S. Cecilia and the Opera House there will be concerts and shows

The bus "disco bus Tricolore" with two dj set will run in the city center

The bus Trambus 110 Open will provide the "Tour Tricolore" for free

In the Capitol Square will be a concert, followed by video projections on the history of Italy

In Via dei Fori Imperiali you could see the performance "Toccata e Fuga", a dance show focused on Risorgimento themes.

The Coliseum will be the stage of the light projections of Gerry Hoffstetter.

In Parco del Celio will be a fireworks display

In Florence:

In Piazza della Signoria there will be an historical procession of the Florentine Republic, followed by other artistic performances

Piazza S. Croce will host the event "Gira l’Italia" for children and families

Special opening of the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio and the National Museums until 01:00 h

.... Happy Birthday Italy!

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